• My new Cartoon Climate book!

    The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change is now out! Here are excerpts, reviews, detailed page notes, and more. (Here’s similar info about Cartoon Micro and Cartoon Macro.)

    PS. Thanks to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter! And if you’re in the USA, you can get a signed copy by donating $250 to the CarbonWA carbon tax campaign :)

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  • Yoram Bauman in front of Comedy Underground

    Upcoming Shows

    + Jan 4, 2016 San Francisco CA 8th Annual AEA Economics Humor Session in Honor of Caroline Postelle Clotfelter
    The AEA Humor Session will be on M Jan 4, 2016, from 8-9:30pm in room "Imperial A" of the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. The humor session is one of the only parts of the American Economic Association annual meeting that is free and open to the public! (Registration for the full conference---more info here---is well worth it if you're into economics :) Additional details here and here is the preliminary program: Presiding: Yoram Bauman (standupeconomist.com); "Fish and Missing Markets: Extending Revealed and Stated Preference Methods to Salmon" by Andy Keeler (East Carolina University and University of North Carolina Coastal Studies Institute); "Home Economics" by Jodi Beggs (Northeastern University and Economists Do It With Models); and "The Funniest Papers in the History of Economics " by Yoram Bauman (standupeconomist.com)
    + Jan 14, 2016 Bellevue WA Institute for Supply Management – Western WA
    I'll be at the ISM-WW event in Bellevue on the evening of Jan 14 2016 to moderate an Economic Panel.
    + Jan 20, 2016 Bellevue WA East King County Estate Planning Council
    On the morning of W Jan 20 in Bellevue with the East King County Estate Planning Council.
    + Feb 2, 2016 Denver CO Private event near Denver
    I'll be speaking at a private event near Denver on Tuesday, February 2nd at 3:00 p.m.
    + Mar 1, 2016 Westminster MD McDaniel College
    At McDaniel College on T March 1, details TBD.
    + Mar 3, 2016 Storrs CT University of Connecticut
    At the University of Connecticut at 4pm on Th March 3 as part of the Edwin Way Teale Lecture Series for 2016.

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  • Book covers

    Cartoon Economics

    The Cartoon Introduction to Economics (Volume 1: Micro and Volume 2: Macro) is now available in 12 foreign languages!

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  • Help me with my new routine!

    Inspired by FMR, I’ve got a new routine called “When life gives you lemons…” and I need your help! The idea is to use this phrase to explain economic ideas, e.g., comparing an MBA (“When life gives you lemons, go corner the market for lemons”) with econ grad school (“When life gives you lemons, go read “The Market for Lemons”). Excellent entries will win signed copies of my Cartoon Economics books!

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  • “Hyperinflation in Hell”

    Check out my latest video, which came almost a full year earlier than the Wall Street Journal‘s Aug 20 2013 article, “In Hong Kong, Inflation Worries Spook the Spirit World”. (My video was filmed at the Humor Session at the Jan 2013 annual meeting of the American Economic Association.) All together my videos have over 1 million hits on YouTube.

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