• Cartoon Digital Ethics

    The Cartoon Introduction to Digital Ethics

    This 20-page Cartoon Introduction to Digital Ethics booklet (free download here, co-authored by Grady Klein and yours truly) was commissioned by the European Data Protection Supervisor for the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Brussels in October 2018.

  • “The funniest papers in the history of economics”

    Check out my latest video, filmed at the Humor Session at the Jan 2016 annual meeting of the American Economic Association. (For more info see my collection of funny economics articles or the Virtual Specialized Issue of Economic Inquiry.) All together my videos have over 1 million hits on YouTube.

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  • Yoram Bauman in front of Comedy Underground

    Upcoming Shows

    + Jan 5, 2019 Atlanta GA 11th Annual AEA Economics Humor Session in Honor of Caroline Postelle Clotfelter
    The AEA Humor Session will be on Sat Jan 5, 2019, at 8pm in Atlanta, details TBD. The humor session is one of the only parts of the American Economic Association annual meeting that is free and open to the public! (Registration for the full conference---more info here---is well worth it if you're into economics :)
    + Jan 14, 2019 Honolulu, Hawai'i Hawai'i Climate Conference
    I will be talking about carbon taxes (no comedy, sorry!) at the 2019 Hawai'i Climate Conference on January 14. Email me ASAP if you'd like to arrange a show while I'm in the area!
    + Jan 29, 2019 Logan UT Unitary Appraisal School
    I'll be giving a carbon tax talk (and maybe also telling some economics jokes) at around 3pm on T Jan 29 at the Unitary Appraisal School sponsored by the Western States Association of Tax Administrators & Utah State University.
    + Feb 6, 2019 San Diego CA Calpine Energy Solutions
    I'll be giving a talk for Calpine Energy Solutions in Carlsbad CA on W Feb 6. Sorry, this event is not open to the public.
    + Feb 26, 2019 Salt Lake City UT University of Utah U Saves Week 2019
    I'll be part of the University of Utah U Saves Week 2019, tentatively scheduled for mid-day on T Feb 26. More details to come from the U of U Personal Money Management Center!
    + Mar 16, 2019 San Jose CA Harker School Business and Economics Conference: BEcon
    Details TBD, but I will be part of the 2019 BEcon conference in San Jose on Saturday March 16. The conference is organized by students at the Harker School and I will be at their campus the previous day (F March 15) to visit classes and talk with students.
    + Jun 19, 2019 Las Vegas Predictive Analytics World
    I'll have a (short) slot to open the plenary session at the PAW Business conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on the morning of June 19, 2019!

    Details and more shows

  • I’ve gone Hollywood!

    In 2014 I was the “celebrity economist” in a series of videos for the newly redesigned Ford Transit Connect, a nifty van that’s customizable, maneuverable, fuel-efficient, and could be just right for your small business!

    I filmed a “Numbers Don’t Lie” 30-second promo video, plus the 90-second “Tomatoes” video you see here and four other 90-second videos: “Petting Zoo”, “Surf Shop”, “Salvage Recycle”, and “Roadside Rescue”. And FYI see also this ad starring Nobel laureate Thomas Sargent!

  • Book covers

    Cartoon Economics

    The Cartoon Introduction to Economics (Volume 1: Micro and Volume 2: Macro) is now available in 12 foreign languages!

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  • My new Cartoon Climate book!

    The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change is now out! Here are excerpts, reviews, detailed page notes, and more. (Here’s similar info about Cartoon Micro and Cartoon Macro.)

    PS. Thanks to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter! And if you’re in the USA, you can get a signed copy by donating $250 to the CarbonWA carbon tax campaign :)

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