Cartoon Climate Change page notes

Below please find page notes for The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change. This is a working document, so additions or edits are welcome! Also note that occasional Wikipedia references are for topics that can be found in many introductory textbooks. Chapter 1: Introduction (pages 3-14) Page 4, “Story #1 is about economic growth”: An interesting [...]

New draft of Cartoon Climate Change… complete book!

Here’s the latest draft, which covers the entire book, as a 15-meg 2-to-a-page PDF. (This is better for printing and mimicking the feel of holding an actual book, but if you want the 30-meg 1-to-a-page PDF then here’s a self-extracting 1-to-a-page PDF .rar file, with thanks to Dieu Thuy Nguyen.) Also FYI here’s a first [...]

New draft of Cartoon Climate Change Chapters 1-11

Here’s the latest draft, which covers Parts 1 and 2, as a 1-to-a-page PDF or as a 2-to-a-page PDF. (The latter is better for printing and mimicking the feel of holding an actual book.) Comments welcome on the wiki or via email, etc! Note that Chapters 1-7 are close to being locked-in except for text [...]

In the news

The Economist on climate science: Stubborn things and Hot air: Are models that show the economic effects of climate change useless? And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’ Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup Fuel taxes & fees. Also this about dyed diesel. My State Needs Obamacare. Now. (by the Governor of Kentucky) A [...]

In the news

Australia’s opposition leader Tony Abbott: “‘Just ask yourself what an emissions trading scheme is all about. It’s a so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no one,’ he said, when addressing reporters in Camden, in south-west Sydney, on Monday.” Is British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Good for Household Income? Navius Research says Yes: [...]

In the news

How Conservatives can Take Charge of Climate Change: A letter to Senator Marco Rubio B.C.’s carbon tax is driving down emissions Robert W. Fogel, Nobel-Winning Economist, Dies at 86. See also Preston McAfee’s “American economic growth and the voyage of Columbus”. The Obama climate move that nobody noticed (about SCC, Social Cost of Carbon) Remember [...]

In the news

Climate Attitude Adjustment? New polling, including not-terrible support for a carbon pollution tax. Out and Riding High in Nashville The Odds of Disaster: An Economist’s Warning on Global Warming by Marty Weitzman Inslee signs $8.7 billion transportation budget Northwest Fossil Fuel Exports Malkiel, Burton G. 2013. “Asset Management Fees and the Growth of Finance.” Journal [...]

In the news

CO2 infographic BC audit of carbon-neutral government. See also criticism. And here’s a BC carbon tax proposal infographic. Carbon tax study bill. Here’s the bill itself. And here’s a news article. A Hot Topic: Climate Change Coming To Classrooms How To Fix the Washington Transportation Package by Yoram and Clark Call for Abstracts: Economics of [...]

Everett Herald carbon tax editorial

A great Everett Herald editorial: It’s time for a carbon tax Sightline’s Talking Carbon Taxes, Free-Enterprise Style In transportation news, a modest transportation bill is heading for the Governor’s desk: “Lawmakers are leaving aside for now the more contentious question of a transportation revenue package that would augment the budget. That debate is set to [...]

Everett Herald editorial and other news

It’s time for a carbon tax Fueling Up for the Long Haul: natural gas use in trucking David Crowe: Gasaholic Pollution Is Radically Changing Childhood in China’s Cities In Europe, Paid Permits for Pollution Are Fizzling Three issues to watch in Oregon’s carbon tax debate and A smarter tax for Oregon, by Tom Potiowsky, Northwest [...]

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