First draft of Part One of Cartoon Climate Change

Here’s a very rough draft of Part One of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change, both as a 1-to-a-page PDF and as 2-page spreads. (For cartoon books, the fundamental unit is not the individual page but the 2-page spread.) Comments are welcome via email or inserted into the PDF or (best of all) on the [...]

Everett Herald carbon tax editorial

A great Everett Herald editorial: It’s time for a carbon tax Sightline’s Talking Carbon Taxes, Free-Enterprise Style In transportation news, a modest transportation bill is heading for the Governor’s desk: “Lawmakers are leaving aside for now the more contentious question of a transportation revenue package that would augment the budget. That debate is set to [...]

Everett Herald editorial and other news

It’s time for a carbon tax Fueling Up for the Long Haul: natural gas use in trucking David Crowe: Gasaholic Pollution Is Radically Changing Childhood in China’s Cities In Europe, Paid Permits for Pollution Are Fizzling Three issues to watch in Oregon’s carbon tax debate and A smarter tax for Oregon, by Tom Potiowsky, Northwest [...]

Sierra Club support, new revenue-neutral draft, and other developments

Some good developments! Last week I was invited to talk carbon taxes with the Conservation Committee of the Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club. The idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax received a vote of support (unanimous, if I recall correctly) and a task force was created to come up with recommendations for getting a [...]

If carbon taxes are so great…

A good question on Friday from a student at Westminster College: If revenue-neutral carbon taxes are such a great idea, why has only British Columbia adopted this policy? I gave what I thought was a decent answer in class, but wanted to put some more thoughts down in writing: 1) People prefer the devil they [...]

Recipe for cooking the books on carbon taxes

Recipe for cooking the books on carbon taxes

The National Association of Manufacturers just released a scathing report on carbon taxes (the full report was produced—unfortunately—with the assistance of my friends at NERA), but in reality all their analysis shows is that paying down the Federal debt is the poison pill of economic policy: as long as the economy is struggling to recover, [...]

Carbon tax progress in Oregon and Washington

Preface: I’ve got some talks and comedy shows coming up this week in eastern Washington (Twisp, Omak, Ellensburg, Moses Lake, Walla Walla) so if you’re in that neighborhood check out the details. Amazing news continues to pour in from Oregon, where the Northwest Economic Research Center at PSU released a report on Carbon Tax and [...]

Climate action study bill and transportation news

This week’s news: Governor Inslee is testifying this morning (Tuesday) in favor of a climate action study bill. (At its core is a proposal for the state to commission a rigorous review of carbon reduction policies in other states and provinces.) Please contact your state legislators and encourage them to support the bill! In transportation [...]

Transportation and climate bills in BC, OR, VA, and WA

In British Columbia, the right-of-center Liberal Party decided to essentially freeze the carbon tax at its current rate of $30/ton CO2. (They are going to continue an exemption for greenhouses and seek a new exemption for farm diesel.) See pp58-63 of this budget document for details. Also very much worth a read is “A Tale [...]

New transportation secretary (and bill)

Lots of news, some of it good, but we still have work to do to get carbon pricing on the front burner: 1) On the transportation front, Governor Inslee “pledged to reduce carbon emissions in the state’s transportation system” and named a new transportation secretary, Oregonian Lynn Peterson, who appears to feel similarly. It will [...]

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