Test-run initiative language

Our test-run initiative (I-1271, full text here) has now received a ballot title and summary, which are the items that appear on the ballot. (The full text appears in the voters pamphlet.) Ballot Title: Initiative Measure No. 1271 concerns a carbon tax on fossil fuels. This measure would levy a tax on fossil fuels, based [...]

WA carbon tax legislation: 1st draft

Here’s the bill draft in both PDF and Word. And here’s the Letter of Recommendation with comments and suggested edits from the Code Revisers Office. A brief overview of the bill: It imposes a carbon tax of $30/ton CO2 on fossil fuels (including the carbon content of imported electricity) and puts half the funds towards [...]

Seattle Times carbon tax op-ed

Linked here. Comments welcome!

Tyndall’s “solar heat” quote: a definitive citation

I came across (at the 14 minute mark of this lecture) a quote attributed to 19th century physicist John Tyndall: [T]he atmosphere admits of the entrance of the solar heat, but checks its exit; and the result is a tendency to accumulate heat at the surface of the planet. Many online citations seem to attribute [...]

Carbon tax update

A busy few days: A great article in the Whitman College newspaper by student Sam Chapman. And David Frum on And Sightline’s Anna Fahey says that a new poll shows that Americans are “conflicted on a carbon tax”. Governor Gregoire’s budget proposal came out yesterday; it’s essentially focused on education. Despite rumors that she [...]

Why connect a carbon tax to transportation infrastructure maintenance?

First, transportation accounts for about 50% of fossil fuel CO2 in Washington State; so it makes sense to direct 50% of carbon tax revenue to transportation. For a carbon tax of $30 per tonne CO2, that means about $1.15 billion per year, which sounds like a lot but in fact is just about perfect because… [...]

Thoughts on the Wallace/Inglis/Myers panel

Last night I moderated a panel at SPU with UW climate scientist Mike Wallace, Washington Policy Center environment director Todd Myers, and Bob Inglis, formerly R-SC and now with the Energy & Enterprise Initiative. (More on all these folks at the E&EI website.) The panelists each made a 10-minute opening statement, followed by Q&A with [...]

Carbon tax presentation to state Labor Council

Here’s the presentation (PPTx) we gave today to the executive committee of the state Labor Council. (Note that some of the slides are grayed out, and some of them—especially the pie chart—you have to view in Presentation mode to see the whole thing. Of course, the whole pie chart plus details are in the Transportation [...]

Carbon tax happenings

Here’s the latest 2-pager on the Green Economy / Transportation option. Eric de Place and Ian Siadak at Sightline have a great new post about the BC carbon tax. The punch line: “The province is living proof that emissions reductions and GDP growth can go hand-in-hand.” Wednesday evening Nov 14 there’s a panel discussion at [...]

Washington State carbon tax (green economy option)

Here’s a new 2-pager draft that uses a carbon tax to promote the Green Economy. It’s 50% revenue-neutral (focusing on cuts in property taxes, cuts in B&O taxes for manufacturing, a high-tech tax credit, and funding the Working Families Rebate), with the remaining 50% going to road maintenance, restoration of transit funding, energy efficiency programs, [...]

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