China video blog #7: For the love of Chinese bread


My PBS video blog: Chinese housing bubble?

It’s all here, including my cringeworthy but increasingly semi-functional Chinese!

Steve Jobs: My half-hearted tribute

If anybody should have been a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, it was me. I used an early Macintosh computer at Presidio Middle School in 1987. I went to Reed College, where Jobs spent a semester and studied calligraphy. He spoke at the college’s convocation ceremony my freshman year, and the Reed computer lab [...]

Martin’s “punch bowl” quote: a semi-definitive citation

As with my Solow quote sleuthing, you’re not going to think this is interesting unless you’re a stickler for details, but—thanks to a tip from John Weinberg of the Richmond Fed—I’ve got a semi-definitive citation for the line (phrased in a variety of different ways) about how the job of the Fed is to take [...]

Grading economics textbooks on climate change

Grading economics textbooks on climate change

I’ve got a new report out today (Dec 1 2010): “Grading Economics Textbooks on Climate Change”, which evaluates the nation’s top-selling economics textbooks based on the accuracy of their treatment of climate science and climate economics. More…

Roger Pielke Jr., Part II

Last week I wrote some thoughts about a talk by Roger Pielke Jr. Roger wrote this in the comments section: [T]here is a lot of misunderstanding and misrepresentation displayed in this post. Perhaps I did not convey my points clearly. I did not discuss costs or benefits. It was not a talk about climate impacts. [...]

Thoughts on Roger Pielke Jr.

Just saw a Washington Policy Center talk by Roger Pielke Jr. Some thoughts: I think he had two main points, the first being that policymakers can’t decide what to do about climate change on the basis of climate science alone. This is an excellent point, but: No duh. His second main point was that reducing [...]

Solow’s “computer age” quote: a definitive citation

You’re not going to think this is interesting unless you’re a stickler for details, but after being unable to track it down on the web I’ve finally definitively sourced this famous quote from Robert Solow: You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics. The source is Robert Solow, “We’d better watch [...]

Ten observations about conservatives and climate change

1. Conservatives are definitely not going away in the short-term—they are likely to pick up seats this coming November—and they are almost certainly not going away in the long-term either. 2. Right now most conservatives don’t much care about climate change, but some of them do care. These include local folks like Todd Myers and [...]

Time to explore new directions for U.S. climate policy

The West Coast is in perfect position to play a leading role, hence the ballot measure campaign I’m part of! Details in the rest of the post and/or in this memo on carbon pricing in Washington State; see also [More...]

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