Readings for Friday Dec 11

The Copenhagen climate conference is happening this week and next, so let’s talk about some of the relevant economics. (We’ll do more of this after the break, too.) Here are some questions and readings: How does climate change fit into the Big Question? (“When does individual optimization lead to good outcomes for the group as [...]

3rd exam W/Th Dec 9/10 (and book reports Dec 14-18)

Here’s what the exam will cover (and sample problems from each chapter of the online micro book): Ch 10: From some to many. (You shoul be able to define “competitive market” and to differentiate between game theory and price theory.) Ch 11: Supply and demand. (Look at problem 11.1—this will be on the exam!—and some [...]

Readings for Friday Fun Day

Let’s use Friday to get caught up on current events. Please read the following articles and bring your questions about them (and anything else you want to discuss that’s related to economics :) Leaders Will Delay Deal on Climate Change, NY Times, Nov 14 2009. Capital Waits as Budget Chief Crunches Numbers, NY Times, Nov [...]

Lakeside readings for this week

Cloud computing: Clash of the clouds Microsoft agrees to end unfair monopolistic practices The importance of antitrust enforcement in the new economy. (For more on the “browser war” lawsuit, see Wikipedia: United States v. Microsoft and Action Would Give Consumers More Choices

2nd Lakeside exam W/Th Nov 4/5

Here’s what the exam will cover (and sample problems from each chapter of the online micro book): Ch 6: Cake cutting (Look at some or all of problems 6.1 – 6.3.) Ch 7: Pareto efficiency (Look at some or all of problems 7.1 – 7.4.) Ch 8: Simultaneous-move games (Look at some or all of [...]

I agree with George Will!

Not about everything, of course, but we do both agree that mandatory recycling laws are mostly pointless (so much for my chances of ever being elected to public office!) and believe it or not we even have some common ground on climate change, and I don’t just mean that we both support replacing payroll taxes [...]

Questions for George Will

Columnist George Will is coming to Lakeside tomorrow, and I’m moderating a Q&A session with him during 7th period. Here are questions I’ve culled, mostly from students, a few from teachers and others (including yours truly). Should be fun! Are you a libertarian? What are your thoughts on Social Security and the issues around it? [...]

First exam Oct 14/15

The first exam will be on Oct 14/15. Here is the cheat sheet (which as an added bonus also includes an old exam). The exam will cover the following chapters, with problems from the textbook similar to those specified below: Ch 1: Introduction. (Problem 1.1 is a good problem to do :) Ch 2: Decision [...]

George Will coming to Lakeside Oct 21

Washington Post columnist George Will is coming to Lakeside Oct 21 to speak with students during the day (including my 7th period economics class) and with parents at night. Here are some columns of his that make for thought-provoking reading: Climate Fixers’ Hard Sell, July 23 2009: When New York Times columnist Tom Friedman called [...]

For Fun Day W Oct 7 / Th Oct 8

We’ll spend a bunch of Fun Day talking about behavioral economics, for which there is no reading assignment. But we’ll also do two other things: 1) We’ll go around the circle and I’ll ask you to give a 20-second update on your book report project. This will have no bearing on your grade, and I [...]

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