• “The funniest papers in the history of economics”

    Check out my latest video, filmed at the Humor Session at the Jan 2016 annual meeting of the American Economic Association. (For more info see my collection of funny economics articles or the Virtual Specialized Issue of Economic Inquiry.) All together my videos have over 1 million hits on YouTube.

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  • Yoram Bauman in front of Comedy Underground

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    + Sep 25, 2017 Durango CO LWV carbon pricing panel
    I'll be a serious (not comedic) panelist at a League of Women Voters event in Durango Colorado on the evening of M Sept 25. Also on the panel: Patrick Cummings from Colorado State and Steve Ruddell from CarbonVerde.
    + Sep 27, 2017 Tucson AZ Global Conference on Environmental Taxation
    I'll be doing comedy (and talking seriously about carbon taxes) at the 18th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation at the University of Arizona.The conference is Sept 27-29, I'm not sure when my talk(s) will be. Email me ASAP if you want to piggy-back a comedy talk at your school or corporate event while I'm in town!
    + Oct 24, 2017 Beloit WI Beloit College
    On T Oct 24 I'll be at Beloit College in Beloit WI to give a 7pm comedy-and-carbon-tax talk on "Comedy, Economics, and Climate Change (or How Climate Action Turned Me Into a Republican)". Free and open to the public!
    + Oct 25, 2017 Madison WI UW Madison (part 1)
    On W Oct 25 from 1:00 – 2:15 PM I'll be giving a talk about the economics of carbon taxes and the I-732 campaign at the UW-Madison Biotech Center Auditorium (425 Henry Mall). Free and open to the public! Sponsored by the Wisconsin Energy Institute, by Resource Energy Demand Analysis, and by the Nelson Institute for Energy Analysis and Policy.
    + Oct 25, 2017 Madison WI UW Madison (part 2)
    On W Oct 25 from 5-7pm I'll be giving a talk for the UW econ department students, faculty, and staff, at DeJope Residence Hall, the Lake Mendota Room, 640 Elm Drive. "We are currently planning your talk from 5:30 – 6:30 pm, with light hors d'oeuvre and drinks before and after." Folks who aren't affiliated with UW should email me if you're interested in coming!
    + Nov 2, 2017 Ogden UT Weber State
    I'll be giving a couple of talks (including an evening talk in the Alumni Center at 6:30pm or 7:00pm) at Weber State University on Th Nov 2 2017. Details TBD!
    + Jan 11, 2018 Zermatt (Switzerland) Tentative in Zermatt
    Tentative in Zermatt on Jan 11 2018, more details soon!

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  • Book covers

    Cartoon Economics

    The Cartoon Introduction to Economics (Volume 1: Micro and Volume 2: Macro) is now available in 12 foreign languages!

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  • My new Cartoon Climate book!

    The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change is now out! Here are excerpts, reviews, detailed page notes, and more. (Here’s similar info about Cartoon Micro and Cartoon Macro.)

    PS. Thanks to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter! And if you’re in the USA, you can get a signed copy by donating $250 to the CarbonWA carbon tax campaign :)

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