Seattle Times carbon tax op-ed

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2 responses to “Seattle Times carbon tax op-ed”

  1. Yoram, I’m contemplating collecting signatures. We just bought a piece of furniture from a local manufacturer. I’m thinking, ah, there’s someone I could approach. Higher transportation costs ought to give a competitive advantage to a local manufacturer. But wait! The reality, if we pass this initiative, is that costs will go UP for the local business, based in Washington, but NOT for the distant business based elsewhere in the US or even in Asia. This would seem pretty general. All producers in the state would be put at a competitive disadvantage to producers elsewhere. Or is there a mechanism for fixing this? Yours, Tad

    YB: The proposal we’re currently looking at eliminates the B&O tax for manufacturers, and also provides property tax relief and improved transportation infrastructure. So I don’t think the local manufacturer would be at a competitive disadvantage. Make sense?

  2. Building a broad coalition, including local manufacturers, will be critical. Your arguments make good sense to me, but then I’m not a businessperson. Do you (or anyone reading this blog) have any indications that local manufacturers might actually support such a proposal?

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