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Click on any show to expand details, and contact me to bring me to your school, company, or conference! If you’re with a public high school, community college, or the U.S. military, I also do try to do free shows when possible. (If that covers you then please click the link and follow the instructions to add your contact info and location, or just email me; but please do not use this “free shows” link to invite me for a paid talk!) Check out the show archive to see some of the places I’ve performed in the past.

+ Jan 28, 2020 Minneapolis MN U of Minnesota
I'll be at the University of Minnesota for a comedy talk that's free and open to the public: Coffman Memorial Union - 3rd Floor Mississippi Room, Tuesday January 28th at 7PM
+ Feb 5, 2020 Provo UT BYU
I'll be at BYU on W Feb 5, doing a serious talk mid-day about state-level action on climate and clean air and an afternoon/evening economics comedy talk. Details TBD!
+ Mar 10, 2020 Houston TX Houston Community College
I'll be doing a talk at + Mar 11, 2020 Ann Arbor MI University of Miichigan
+ Mar 11, 2020 Ann Arbor MI Univ of Mich. (March 11-13)
Details TBD at the Ford School March 11-13, but here's what I know so far: Wednesday, March 11 12pm-1pm; Yoram Bauman Opening Lecture - Implementing Climate Policies at the State Level, examples from Washington and Utah. Thursday, March 12 12pm-1pm; Lunch and Learn Panel: Understanding Climate Change and Carbon Pricing at the State and Local Level (we are still confirming panelists) Thursday, March 12, 4:00-5:30pm, Yoram Bauman Stand-up Comedy Routine. Friday, March 13, 11:30am-1pm, Office Hours with Yoram Bauman Opportunities to visit classes at Ford and perhaps at the School for Environment and Sustainability, other opportunities to meet with faculty and students as time allows.
+ Apr 13, 2020 State College PA Penn State
I'll be at Penn State on Monday April 13 for a class visit at 10am and a comedy talk at 8pm. Details TBD!
+ Apr 15, 2020 Oneonta NY SUNY Oneonta
Details TBD about an event (or events) on April 15, 2020, at SUNY Oneonta.
+ Apr 16, 2020 Providence RI Brown University
I'll be visiting Brown University for a comedy-and-carbon-tax talk on the evening of Th April 16 and a visit to Prof Alex Poterack's environmental econ class on the afternoon of F April 17.

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