Upcoming Shows

Click on any show to expand details, and contact me to bring me to your school, company, or conference! If you’re with a public high school, community college, or the U.S. military, I also do try to do free shows when possible. (If that covers you then please click the link and follow the instructions to add your contact info and location, or just email me; but please do not use this “free shows” link to invite me for a paid talk!) Check out the show archive to see some of the places I’ve performed in the past.

+ Jan 21, 2019 St George UT Clean Air/Clean Climate Legislation Forum
I'll be mostly serious as part of a Clean Air/Clean Climate Legislation Forum in St George on M Jan 21 from 7-8:30pm, tentatively in Boeing Auditorium in the Hazy building at DSU. Details TBD, or email me!
+ Jan 29, 2019 Logan UT Unitary Appraisal School
I'll be giving a carbon tax talk (and maybe also telling some economics jokes) at around 3pm on T Jan 29 at the Unitary Appraisal School sponsored by the Western States Association of Tax Administrators & Utah State University.
+ Feb 4, 2019 Austin TX University of Texas Energy Week
I'll be on a panel about carbon pricing on M Feb 4 as part of UT Energy Week. Details TBD and email me if you want to hire me for a comedy gig while I'm in the area!
+ Feb 6, 2019 Los Angeles CA Loyola High School
I'll be visiting Brian Held's econ students and other at Loyola High School of Los Angeles on the morning of W Feb 6.
+ Feb 6, 2019 Carlsbad CA Calpine Energy Solutions
I'll be giving a talk for Calpine Energy Solutions in Carlsbad CA on W Feb 6. Sorry, this event is not open to the public.
+ Feb 26, 2019 Salt Lake City UT University of Utah U Saves Week 2019
I'll be part of the University of Utah U Saves Week 2019, tentatively scheduled for mid-day on T Feb 26. More details to come from the U of U Personal Money Management Center!
+ Mar 14, 2019 Berkeley CA Tentative UC Berkeley class visit
Details TBD about a tentative UC Berkeley class visit on Th March 14 to talk about carbon taxes.
+ Mar 16, 2019 San Jose CA Harker School Business and Economics Conference: BEcon
Details TBD, but I will be part of the 2019 BEcon conference in San Jose on Saturday March 16. The conference is organized by students at the Harker School and I will be at their campus the previous day (F March 15) to visit classes and talk with students.
+ Apr 10, 2019 Ogden UT Davinci Academy
I'll be doing a short talk during the Earth Day assembly at Davinci Academy in Ogden UT on W April 10 as one of the free talks I offer to high schools, community colleges, and the U.S. military!
+ Jun 19, 2019 Las Vegas Predictive Analytics World
I'll have a (short) slot to open the plenary session at the PAW Business conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on the morning of June 19, 2019!
+ Aug 26, 2019 Georgia Tentative in Georgia
Tentative event in Georgia in the Aug 26-29 time frame. More details coming soon I hope!
+ Nov 4, 2019 Portland OR Reed College
Tentative at Reed College in Portland OR on M Nov 4.

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