Washington State carbon tax options (revenue-neutral and transportation)

Attached are two draft 2-pagers outlining carbon tax options that carbonWA is exploring in Washington State. Stay tuned for more—we’re also pursuing health care and education options—and feedback is welcome on those or other ideas and/or on these drafts:

PS. Here are PDFs of these documents (revenue-neutral PDF, transportation PDF), but unfortunately the hyperlinks don’t work.

One response to “Washington State carbon tax options (revenue-neutral and transportation)”

  1. Thanks for posting. I’m not a WA resident but would like to note that raising money for road maintenance (as under the transportation option) wouldn’t really be a CO2 tax. Roads must be maintained regardless of CO2, and that’s what the regular gas tax is there for, correct? I’d think that from the perspective of internalizing costs, paying for pollution should come on top of paying for infrastructure services, so a CO2 tax should come on top of a regular gas tax that’s high enough to pay for road maintenance.

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