I have two needs and one want.

The two needs are a mic and a digital projector that I can plug my laptop into. I’d prefer a wireless lapel mic or an old-fashioned stage mic on a stand, but other types of mics are okay too. For the digital projector, I have a Mac laptop and Mac adapters for both VGA and HDMI connections. (If there’s a back-up computer, I can also put my PPT presentation on a USB drive.) I do not need computer audio.

My one want is for a podium (or, if that’s too much trouble, a table or stool) that I can use for notes, water, etc. If the podium has a mic I would still prefer to have another mic so that I am not tied to the podium (and because most podium mics are too short for my 6’5″ frame), but if the podium mic is all there is then that’s okay.

Bio, headshots, etc.

If you want to hire me, here are links to my comedy bio, some hi-res photos, some testimonials from past shows, and stories about me in print/radio/TV.