“The world’s first and only stand-up economist”

Yes, I really do have a Ph.D. in economics, and Yes I really do make a living as the world’s first and only stand-up economist. Here’s my bio, scroll down for some of my most popular YouTube videos, and then hire me for a show at your college or corporate event! You reach me via email, Twitter @standupecon, or call/text me at 206-351-5719. And if you’re with the U.S. military, a public high school or community college, or a school that uses my cartoon books, let’s talk about a free show if and when I’m in your neighborhood!

Here’s my first-ever comedy video, with over 1 million hits: 

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    Here’s a routine (constantly being updated!) that makes fun of folks across the political spectrum: 

    My writings

    In addition to writing a play (a romantic comedy called Seize the Initiative!), I’ve co-authored the Cartoon Introduction to Economics in two volumes, Micro and Macro, plus Cartoon Introductions to  Climate Change and Calculus (and a cartoon pamphlet about digital ethics). I’ve also written a (free!) online microeconomics textbook that parallels Cartoon Micro; co-authored a book about environmental tax reform called Tax Shift; and written opinion pieces in the NY Times and elsewhere. I also blog and tweet (@standupecon). Here’s my PhD dissertation and my CV with links to other academic papers.

    Climate change

    I think that climate change is a serious threat and that there are smart, pocketbook-friendly approaches to reducing emissions. My writings on this topic range from my Ph.D. dissertation to The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change to my NY Times opinion piece. My research and activism mostly focus on state-level carbon pricing efforts in Utah (Clean The Darn Air) and elsewhere, including in Washington State, where I was the founder and co-chair of the first-ever carbon tax ballot measure in the U.S., the I-732 revenue-neutral carbon tax effort that made the ballot (but lost) in 2016. And I continue to (briefly) discuss climate change during my comedy routines as shown in the video below!

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