Ask your local bookstore for my new book (co-authored with and illustrated by Grady Klein, and published by FSG/Macmillan, ISBN 978-0809033690), or you can order it for about $15 from or B&N.

Scroll down for excerptsreviewscorrections (none so far!), and information for teachers about PPTs and more. Also detailed page notes plus rights info for foreign translations (coming in French, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese [simplified]!).

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Here’s a PDF download of Chapter 5: Limits (plus the front and back covers and Table of Contents). Or you can just download the front and back covers and Table of Contents.


From the back cover and inside pages of the book:

“The Cartoon Introduction to Calculus is hilarious, rigorous, slightly hallucinatory, and extremely educational, all at once—highly recommended for those who already love calculus and those encountering it for the first time.”
Jordan Ellenberg, John D. MacArthur Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and author of How Not to Be Wrong.

“Even the most timid mathophobe who is willing to dip a toe in the water will be enlightened and entertained by The Cartoon Introduction to Calculus. Kudos to Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman!”
Michael Sullivan, Chicago State University, and Kathleen Miranda, SUNY Old Westbury, authors of Calculus for the AP Course.

Other reviews

“This light introduction to calculus, written by an economist (“the world’s first and only stand-up economist”) and illustrated by a talented artist, costs about 10% of your average thousand-page calculus textbook. But it’s fun to read, focuses on the big ideas, and explains how calculus relates to the rest of mathematics and to economics and physics. It emphasizes the two forms of the fundamental theorem of calculus and ends with a chapter that stresses that mathematics is about finding patterns and “formalizing those patterns with proofs.” Students learning how to use and apply calculus will still need to work through the exercises of a textbook, but this book contains some of what you want students to remember 20 years later.”
Mathematics Magazine (92:4, 308-309, 2019)


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Information for teachers (including PPTs!)

Click here for detailed page notes, which are still under construction. For information about PPTs for use in class, please email me using your school email address.

If you ‘re a college or high school instructor looking to adopt the cartoon book(s) for a class and you don’t want to shell out $15 you can click here to get a desk copy (free if you order 20 copies) or an examination copy for about $5. Send a note on school letterhead to the address in the link and ask for a copy of The Cartoon Introduction to Calculus, ISBN 978-0809033690. For information about PPTs please contact me.