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I’m headlining a comedy fundraiser show in NYC on Wednesday June 13 for a great non-profit (Innovations for Poverty Action) run by some economist friends of mine. (They do Esther Duflo-type randomista experiments to see what works in international development; Yale’s Dean Karlan is the president and founder.) The show is sponsored by NERA Economic Consulting and will feature yours truly plus special guest Bill Santiago, author of Pardon My Spanglish. The show will be at Laugh Lounge on the lower east side, 7-8:30pm, ages 18+, $20 plus two drinks, doors open at 6:30 for hanging out. Buy tickets at the door or in advance… tickets will hopefully sell out fast! And for the record: This show should be reasonably smart and clean, but like all comedy shows it may not be a good idea if you’re easily offended.

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