Your booklet The Cartoon Introduction to Data Privacy Ethics is a success story. I am so lucky and happy to have met you in Aspen last year. Your cartoon will be displayed by me in my opening remarks to this Data Protection Woodstock [the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners]. And distributed to all 1000 participants!

— Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, 2018

Yoram was an unconventional choice for our keynote dinner speaker; a gamble that paid off handsomely. His commentary was relevant to our industry, incisive and most importantly, funny. If you want an entertaining speaker who combines penetrating analysis with a razor-sharp wit, Yoram is your guy!

— Dan Kirschner, Executive Director
Northwest Gas Association, 2018

Thanks for accepting our invitation. The feedback that I am getting today from students about the evening has been very positive. We hope to host you again in the future.

— Geetha Vaidyanathan, UNC Economics Department and UNC Economics Club faculty advisor, 2018

Yoram was a runaway hit at our annual conference in Aspen. He was hilariously entertaining and managed to engage a potentially tough crowd of people from business, academics, and government.

— Scott Wallsten, President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute, 2017

The stand-up economist was a great keynote address for our annual conference. No better way to start a technical, academic conference that with a few chuckles, some down right LOL’s and an even handed look at options for addressing current economic issues. Thanks Yoram for a great session for our mostly serious and slightly dry conference.

— Claire Chase, Co-Chair Wichita Appraisal for Ad Valorem Taxation Conference, 2017

Yoram was given the dreaded after-lunch speaking slot but energized the audience with his comedy. He took the time to understand our issues in advance of the meeting, which made the presentation more meaningful. He is a rare combination of humor and substance.

— Ted Case, Executive Director, Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 2017

Thank you for being our guest speaker at our company’s annual meeting. We appreciate how you effectively tied our meeting theme and our industry into your presentation/set. You found a balance between being funny and informative while keeping the audience engaged and interested. I was personally impressed how you touched the 3rd rail of politics and climate change without alienating anyone – you effectively made fun of all sides, in a good way!

— Pete Segall, Energy Services Manager, ATS, 2017

Yoram did an incredible job researching and customizing his presentation for our audience of public garden professionals. We loved his dynamic and engaging speaking style, and his combination of humor and facts gave our guests a valuable new perspective on how economics can be used in the future of public gardens.

— Erin Kinley, Longwood Graduate Fellow, 2017

We’ve received nothing but great feedback on the witty, smart, and timely remarks from Yoram Bauman, the Stand-Up Economist. He makes you laugh — and think — from the moment he steps on stage, poking fun at and holes in the policies and politics of the day.

— Delette Olberg, Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Tenaska, 2016

Your presentation was an effective combination of humor and learning. Our students came away from your insightful and humorous talk with a better understanding of the current economic climate and its relation to our upcoming presidential debate.

— Herman A. Berliner, Dean, and Patricia Ciavarello, Assistant Dean of Outreach, Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University (lead-up to the first Clinton/Trump debate), 2016

A huge thank you for being our closing keynote at our 2016 conference, you were a fantastic addition! Engaging and wonderfully entertaining!

— Anne Piacentino, Washington State Recycling Association, 2016

I had a hard time figuring out beforehand what this was going to be… but you delivered. Best talk by an economist I ever heard!

— Pamela Zappardino, McDaniel College, 2016

A massive thank you for today. It was such a success… It was funny but you made it relevant in places, and that was great. I will definitely want to do this again!

— Lisa Gahan, PhD, ICS Consulting (UK), 2015

I have never seen a group of high school students so enthused about a speaker in their classroom. The many students trying to talk with you after the presentation proved that you met and exceeded their expectations.

— David P. Scott, Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education, USF, 2014

We really appreciated you coming in from Washington to spend an evening with our society. The feedback has been very positive. It was a great event.

— Matt Michaels, CFA Society of Tampa Bay, 2014

Many thanks for a great show. Faculty and students all had a great time and were buzzing for days after. We particularly liked the Lemons jokes!

— Professor Richard Dickens, Head, Department of Economics, University of Sussex, 2014

Your show at the IDB [Inter-American Development Bank] Cultural Center on October 6, 2014 was a triumph, for you and for us, since you were the first comedian presented at the Bank and you killed! The subsequent national press was impressive. I sensed a lot of warmth for you from the audience, and you brought a whole new group of people to the IDB, so we fulfilled our outreach mission.

— Anne Vena, IDB Cultural Center, 2014

I had many people come up afterwards and tell me how much they liked you and how wonderful it was to have you at BCG!

— Oliver Bandte, PhD, Boston Consulting Group, 2014

Many thanks Yoram, for your excellent entertainment contribution to our event – it certainly was a highlight and an atmosphere-maker! The definition of comic relief is the introduction of an amusing scene, incident or speech into serious or tragic elements in order to provide relief from tension. This certainly did fit our need….and your masterful ability to provide that relief from the global financial stage was all encompassing. The consistent and unanimous response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive and especially appreciative.

— Nancy J. Schumann, SIM Global Advantage AG (Zurich), 2014

Thank you so much for [visiting Alcester Grammar School] yesterday. All the feedback from the students and other staff members has been nothing but positive. We so appreciate you coming to talk to us and I hope your other UK and Europe engagements go brilliantly

— Laura Sweetman, Head of Economics & Business Studies, Alcester Grammar School (UK), 2014

Thank you so much for your great performance. Our conference guests simply loved it!

— Reza Kheirandish, Ph.D., Program Co-Chair, SABE/IAREP/ICABEEP 2013 Conference

A BIG thank you for coming and contributing to our fabulous global speaker faculty at FundForum 2013 last week… The hair of the dog [morning comedy routine] achieved what it set out to do!

— Jenny Adams, Conference Director, FundForum International, 2013

You were a hit! We are getting a lot of favourable comments about your presentation and it was a great day to start the event

— Dale Wheeldon, President and CEO, British Columbia Economic Development Association, 2013

Thanks again for being a part of our event on Friday. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many people tugged on my shirt and raved about your show. You Killed It!

— Joe Wride, FPA of Puget Sound (Financial Planning Assocation), 2013

Yoram, you were great! Thank you so much for presenting to ACEE [Arizona Council on Economic Education] teachers of economics and their guests at the Goldwater Institute. A fun time was had by all. It was an excellent showing for ACEE and the teachers felt so special that we had an event like this for them. We hope you’ll let us know when you’ll be in Arizona again.

— Krystal Slivinski, Arizona Council on Economic Education, 2012

Smart and funny in an endearingly dorky way…

Yakima Herald, 2012

I had so many positive comments after. You hit it out of the park for what I was hoping to accomplish and I know that you made some fans along the way. Thanks much!

— David Friedson, Director, Logistics & Distribution, Evergreen Packaging, 2012

Yoram, you were WONDERFUL this weekend [at our law firm’s Partner Retreat]. Thank you so much for coming.

— Susan Mac Cormac, Morrison and Foerster, 2012

You were a hit! Many individuals stopped me after you left to say how much they enjoyed it. You’ve got a talent!

— Phil Timm, Verizon Wireless, 2012

Yoram, on behalf of the chapter I wanted to express our appreciation for appearing at our Project Management Institute Professional Development Days. I admit I wasn’t sure how your presentation would be received by the attendees and I’m glad to see that it worked so well.

— Don Skaja, PMP, 2012

Thanks again for helping make [our event] a HUGE success! You are a class act and our delegates told me they really enjoyed your routine. I did, too. Thanks again. PS – hope the checks clear. We should be good for it.

— Greg M., Manager Research and Risk Analytics (at a bank that wishes to remain anonymous, but Greg is happy to provide a reference upon request), 2012

Yoram, you were really fantastic; thank you very much for a great job!

— Pam Ricco, Executive Vice President and COO, Florida Bankers Association, 2012

Thank you so much for your entertainment Monday evening. People LOVED you. This was a crowd of highly educated & professional people, who (if not actually economists) have great familiarity with economics, and they thought you were hilarious (as did I). It was perfect entertainment for a sophisticated crowd.

— Susan Ackerman, President, Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners, 2012

Yoram’s mid-morning routine was a hit at our quarterly corporate meeting with our entire management team. After a morning of financial facts and figures from the business agenda, Yoram broke the monotony and set us up for a great afternoon. In short, Yoram was a rock star!

— Steve Hennigan, President and CEO, San Antonio Credit Union, 2012

Your performance was really engaging and captured my attention the entire time. The best part was that you paid attention to the panelists’ answers and provided knowledgeable recaps to the discussion.

— Jill R. Larson, CPSM, C.P.M. (Institute for Supply Management – Western Washington), 2012

Thank YOU for bringing so much energy and life to the conference…you were definitely a great addition (and a pleasure to work with)!

— Beth Solomon, Conference Specialist, CFO Conferences, 2011

Thank you for the excellent, professional job you did on Sunday morning. You were great!

— Mike Veall, President, Canadian Economics Association (and conference Program Chair), 2011

Thanks so much for joining us for Financial Literacy Week. You did a fabulous job, were a pleasure to work with, and it was a great way to highlight the week’s events as our keynote.

— Jacki Brossman-Ashorn, Assistant Director, Student Money Management Center, Sam Houston State University

The feedback about you at our Senior Staff Meeting was uniformly outstanding. Who knew that economists—or at least one economist—could be funny (while still knowing a thing or two about economics). Well done!

— Paul E. Greenberg, Managing Principal, Analysis Group, Inc.

We LOVED you. And even more importantly, our participants laughed while thinking. What a combo! It was important to us that we brought a sense of humor, wit and grace to our symposium. You helped us handily achieve this goal.

— Dan Dixon, Vice President, External Affairs, Swedish Medical Center

Yoram Bauman was the keynote speaker at the banquet of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce annual Leadership Convention held in Sun Valley. The conference was attended by business, community and political leaders from Idaho’s Boise Valley. Yoram was thoroughly entertaining, and kept the audience laughing, but buried in the humor were a series of pretty impressive observations about the economy, finance and the business world. This is really a “must” for any serious business meeting where there is a need to mix in a bit of thoughtful entertainment.

— Bill Russell, Associate Dean, NNU School of Business

On behalf of the Law Librarians of Puget Sound I’d like to thank you for your sterling performance at our spring professional development workshop last week. You have a gift—or maybe a couple of gifts: both humor and teaching. You treat the audience members as if they might indeed know what a Laffer Curve is, and that’s a treat. Choices are good when they result in as fine a presentation as yours. I’d even trade three Snickers bars for it!

— Mary Whisner, Reference Librarian

GMAC Financial Services audit division recently had the opportunity to contract Yoram Bauman, the one and only Stand-Up Economist, during our auditor conference held in Boston. It’s a very diverse, young corporate dynamic group. The level of energy and entertainment Yoram was able to bring to the meeting was invaluable. His high energy, enthusiasm and excitement for Economics incorporating humor was a perfect Keynote presentation for our participants.

Mark Weintraub, General Auditor, GMAC Financial Services

Thank you so much for coming to our school! I have heard so many great comments from the students and administration – it was a highlight of the year. I even overheard that one student was contemplating econ as a future career path based on Friday’s experience.

Rebecca Wahl, economics teacher, St Croix Preparatory Academy (a public charter school in Stillwater MN)