Here’s a 2nd draft of Part One of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change, both as a 1-to-a-page PDF and as 2-page spreads. (For cartoon books, the fundamental unit is not the individual page but the 2-page spread.)

Comments are welcome via email or inserted into the PDF or (best of all) on the wiki. I’ll post responses too!

Print warning: If you’re going to print these pages, note that some of them have a lot of black coloring, so you might use up a lot of toner. (Sorry!) Also note that some of the comments are in light-colored text that might be hard to read on a print-out. (Ditto!). Overall I’d recommend trying to look at this online so that you can zoom in and out as needed.

PS. If you want to compare with the 1st draft, here are those files: 1-to-a-page PDF and as 2-page spreads.