Our test-run initiative (I-1271, full text here) has now received a ballot title and summary, which are the items that appear on the ballot. (The full text appears in the voters pamphlet.)

Ballot Title: Initiative Measure No. 1271 concerns a carbon tax on fossil fuels. This measure would levy a tax on fossil fuels, based on their greenhouse gas emissions. The revenue generated would be divided equally between public investments in transportation, and tax rebates, reductions, and incentives. Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Ballot Measure Summary: This measure would levy a tax, set initially at $30 per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent, on fossil fuels in Washington and on fossil fuels used to generate electricity imported into Washington. Half the revenue generated would be devoted to tax rebates, reductions, or incentives for low-income working families, manufacturers, certain research and development activities, and property taxes. The remaining revenue would be devoted to public investments in transit, road maintenance, and freight mobility.

FYI you can see this and other initiatives on the Secretary of State’s website here. And for that matter you can submit your own initiative here.