University of Alberta student Fraser Thompson sent me this economics love letter, in the spirit of the Fed valentines (see also here and here).

Together let’s make an Edgeworth box
Hold everything else constant, then consider the shocks.
The shocks to my heart—as you’ll likely observe—
Will move us away from the efficient contract curve.

So take my hand, and let’s be efficient
In the language of love, I promise you, I am proficient.
In life and love you’re my only solution
When integrating, I use a you-subsitution.

Determine my determinant, internalize my externality
Border my Hessian to determine quasi-concavity.
If you let me be your law of demand
I’ll caress you gently with my invisible hand.

This letter is nearing the end of its duration,
So please complete this final operation:
Take the limit of my love as it goes to infinity
I think you’ll find yourself without your virginity.