July-Nov 2011 I’ll be at UIBE in Beijing, doing carbon tax research… and some comedy! You can follow my adventures on Facebook and my PBS video blog:

  1. “Have Wit, Will Travel” (Filmed before I left for China, about my expectations)
  2. “Is China Asia’s Ecuador?” (About population and per capita GDP)
  3. “China’s Communism and Capitalism: The New Yin Yang?” (About the Porsche dealership near Chairman Mao’s resting place in Tiananmen Square)
  4. “Will Avocados Replace Peking Duck?” (About the Mexican restaurant run by a young Chinese-American woman)
  5. “Always Bring Your Own Toilet Paper” (About externalities, climate change issues, and the “five Chinas”)
  6. “Chinese Housing Bubble: A Troubling Update from Beijing” (About housing prices in Beijing, plus my poor efforts to speak Chinese)
  7. “For the Love of Chinese Bread “ (About the family that sells bread near my home)
  8. “Economic Comedian Compares China-U.S. Relations to Teen…Romance” (Economics Comedy in Beijing, Part One: at The Bookworm, an English-language bookstore)
  9. “Economics Comedy in Beijing: Part Two” (comedy—mostly in English—for the students at my university, UIBE, on the day my cartoon book came out in Chinese)
  10. “Stand-up Economist Signs Off From China and Thinks About Its Future” (Mark Levine on China’s air pollution, views on China’s strong/weak government, and the low-carbon book I worked on)

And for my Chinese fans here’s me on Youku!