My PBS NewsHour video blogs from my 5 months in China in 2011

I spent the 2nd half of 2011 at UIBE in Beijing, doing carbon tax research… and video blogs for the PBS NewsHour. Most of them are not comedy videos, but there are some jokes in there! Here are the ten video blogs: #1: “Have Wit, Will Travel” (filmed before I left for China, about my expectations); #2: “Is China Asia’s Ecuador?” (about population and per capita GDP); #3: “China’s Communism and Capitalism: The New Yin Yang?” (about the Porsche dealership near Chairman Mao’s resting place in Tiananmen Square); #4: “Will Avocados Replace Peking Duck?” (about the Mexican restaurant run by a young Chinese-American woman); #5: “Always Bring Your Own Toilet Paper” (about externalities, climate change issues, and the “five Chinas”); #6: “Chinese Housing Bubble: A Troubling Update from Beijing” (about housing prices in Beijing, plus my poor efforts to speak Chinese); #7: “For the Love of Chinese Bread “ (about the family that sells bread near my home); #8: “Economic Comedian Compares China-U.S. Relations to Teen…Romance” (economics comedy in Beijing, part one: at The Bookworm, an English-language bookstore); #9: “Economics Comedy in Beijing: Part Two” (comedy—mostly in English—for the students at my university, UIBE, on the day my cartoon book came out in Chinese); #10: “Stand-up Economist Signs Off From China and Thinks About Its Future” (Mark Levine on China’s air pollution, views on China’s strong/weak government, and the low-carbon book I worked on).