Ari Rubenstein has a hilarious (and thought-provoking) take on participants in the Peak Oil debate, with a “spectrum… from total denial…”

Abiotic Oilers: Related to creation scientists, these folks believe that oil is not a “fossil fuel” but is generated deep in the earth by mysterious geological processes. No really. There’s plenty of oil, we just have to put on our tin foil hats, drill deep down into our Flat Earth, past the underground cities of reptile aliens who control our secret Zionist world government, down into the petroleum-rich “Creamy Nougat Center” of the planet.

“… to extreme paranoia.”

Doomers: We are so completely screwed that it’s not even worth planting a community garden. We are headed for the neo-neolithic ages, so better get ready to fight tooth and nail for a good cave. Complete collapse of the grid will be followed shortly by roving hordes of cannibal former-suburbanites.

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