Cartoon Macro now available in Japan!

Cartoon Macro now available in Japan!

Published by Diamond, available at Amazon Japan and elsewhere. PS. Here’s info about the micro book. And, courtesy of the publisher, here’s one of my comedy routines with Japanese subtitles!

S*** happens (now with annotations!)

Jodi Beggs of has provided some helpful annotations to my latest video, “S*** happens: The economics version”. (In case you missed the video, just follow the link above to the annotations.)

My new comedy video: “S*** happens: the economics version”

Below is a Jan 2012 video of a routine I performed at the American Economic Association humor session in Chicago. It contains bad language (repeated uses of the “s” word), so be forewarned.

Harry Potter economics

From BGI student David Rutherford: Peregrine Bosler posted on Facebook that a friend of hers’ equates studying econ with the dark arts, although comparing it to the cruciatus curse may be a bit much. This got me thinking about what would have happened to a popular fiction series if instead of Hogwarts, J.K. Rowling had [...]

My hilarious global warming exchange with Ruffin and Gregory

In November 2000 I received a complimentary copy of a new microeconomics textbook by two professors at the University of Houston. The book’s treatment of global warming was so amazing that I picked up some HTML (thanks Barb!!!) and brought their text onto the web, along with an email exchange with the authors, emails from [...]

About my Reed (undergrad) thesis

As an undergrad math major I wrote a senior thesis called “The Abelian Group Structure on Elliptic Curves Saved My Life!” Sadly, I no longer have an electronic copy of my thesis. (I know, what a blithering idiot. But it was in the mid-1990s, before people kept everything electronically.) So unless you live in Portland [...]

An open letter to Austan Goolsbee (Oct 8 2009)

Dear Austan: You might think that it was quite a shock for me–”the world’s first and only stand-up economist“–to find a Wall Street Journal blog with the headline “Austan Goolsbee, stand-up economist“. But in fact I was not shocked, or even surprised. You and your colleagues in the Obama administration have been quite active in [...]

The anthropology of peak oil

Ari Rubenstein has a hilarious (and thought-provoking) take on participants in the Peak Oil debate, with a “spectrum… from total denial…” Abiotic Oilers: Related to creation scientists, these folks believe that oil is not a “fossil fuel” but is generated deep in the earth by mysterious geological processes. No really. There’s plenty of oil, we [...]

Economics sit-com

In early 2009 a fellow named Sultan organized a contest for a TV show about economists. (Here were the rules, here were the entries, and here was the voting.) My favorite submission, by Hubert Turvy: William is an economics professor at a small university in Pennsylvania. He specializes in taxation, but has been having trouble [...]

Economic Inquiry: The home of economics humor!

As the (former, and perhaps future) Specialized Co-Editor for Miscellany of Economic Inquiry (which offers additional innovations such as a no-revisions option), I am delighted to put out this request for submissions that expose the lighter side of the dismal science: Humorous articles, such as Leijonhufvud’s “Life among the Econ”, (Economic Inquiry, 1973), Gregor W. [...]

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