From BGI student David Rutherford:

Peregrine Bosler posted on Facebook that a friend of hers’ equates studying econ with the dark arts, although comparing it to the cruciatus curse may be a bit much. This got me thinking about what would have happened to a popular fiction series if instead of Hogwarts, J.K. Rowling had sent Harry Potter to the London School of Economics. So, with that in mind…….

“Harry Potter And The Sorcerers’ Lump Sum”
“Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Marginal Analysis”
“Harry Potter And The Prisoners’ Dilemma Of Azkaban”
“Harry Potter And The Coase Theorem Of Fire”
“Harry Potter And The Order Of The Invisible Hand”
“Harry Potter And The Half Blood Optimising Individual”
“Harry Potter And The Deathly Pareto Efficient Outcomes”