As an undergrad math major I wrote a senior thesis called “The Abelian Group Structure on Elliptic Curves Saved My Life!” Sadly, I no longer have an electronic copy of my thesis. (I know, what a blithering idiot. But it was in the mid-1990s, before people kept everything electronically.)

So unless you live in Portland (where you can see it at the Reed library) or in Seattle (where you can borrow my copy) you’re out of luck except for the following info:

  • my thesis didn’t have any original research it because that was beyond my abilities as an undergraduate math major (and probably beyond my abilities, period :);
  • it was about Abelian curves and how they can be used to solve Knight’s problem; and
  • it was reasonably funny, e.g., it had a copy of “Math riots prove fun incalculable”, a 1993 Chicago Tribune article about Fermat’s Last Theorem, which was solved using Abelian curves.