Here’s a new 2-pager draft that uses a carbon tax to promote the Green Economy. It’s 50% revenue-neutral (focusing on cuts in property taxes, cuts in B&O taxes for manufacturing, a high-tech tax credit, and funding the Working Families Rebate), with the remaining 50% going to road maintenance, restoration of transit funding, energy efficiency programs, and clean energy R&D.

Feedback welcome! And BTW, previous 2-pager drafts are here.

PS. Some other good reads:

* Davis Oldham of Seattle CCL, “Why we need a national carbon fee and dividend”, Seattle Times, July 22:

* The Tyee, BC’s Quest for Carbon Neutrality: (A PDF collection of articles.)

* CNNMoney, “Carbon tax gets unusual support” (“Calls for a carbon tax on fossil fuels like gasoline and coal are coming from a surprising quarter these days — Republicans.”)