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The Economist on climate science: Stubborn things and Hot air: Are models that show the economic effects of climate change useless? And Then Steve Said, [...]

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Australia's opposition leader Tony Abbott: "'Just ask yourself what an emissions trading scheme is all about. It's a so-called market in the non-delivery of an [...]

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How Conservatives can Take Charge of Climate Change: A letter to Senator Marco Rubio B.C.’s carbon tax is driving down emissions Robert W. Fogel, Nobel-Winning [...]

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Climate Attitude Adjustment? New polling, including not-terrible support for a carbon pollution tax. Out and Riding High in Nashville The Odds of Disaster: An Economist's [...]

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CO2 infographic BC audit of carbon-neutral government. See also criticism. And here's a BC carbon tax proposal infographic. Carbon tax study bill. Here's the bill [...]

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Carbon cycle graphs: IPCC, NOAA, NASA via GSU. Financial Times editorial: A least-worst tax: A levy on carbon is an idea whose time has come [...]

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